Monday, May 14, 2012

In need of help...

okay, so here is more info our situation, our house was in foreclosure before the fire, but at that time we had a fighting chance to save our house,but since the house fire happened we don't have a fighting chance anymore. despite the fire, the bank will still foreclose on the house. and as long it that is going to happen, we don't have the option to rebuild the house, so had to go for the option to find a new place to live, well, that is not an option either because we don't have enough to buy a new house nor can we get financing to buy a new house. we have tried every option to save our house, we have tried organizations like NACA to help us, we have negotiating with the bank and the insurance company, none of them will help us. the current house I'm staying is only temporary, we can only live here for six months and the six months is almost up, once is is up we are forced out of house no matter if have another place to live or not and it does not look like we find anything soon. so as of july, 1,2012, I will become homeless. I have no idea where we are going to live from here or if we have a place to live at all. so if you like my artwork and seeing me on the internet and want that to continue then find it in your heart to donate to me, even a little bit will help. otherwise, the day will come where I will no longer be able to keep in touch with all the wonderful friends I have made over the internet and probably be that last you ever see of me.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Horses and heavy metal

 Hi all, Kim Mattia here or as most of you know me online as "Ravenfire", I finally created by own blog post to post some the rumbling I like to do from time to time. I am 24 years old and I just graduated from college and trying to get myself out there into the work world, I trying to make a career as a professional artist, I'm just tarting out, so things have been rough, mostly with just getting my name out there as an artist.

okay, your probably wondering what is up with the title. well, really this blog post is to explain a bit about myself. I should tell you right now, if you have not figured that out already, I'm not your typical GIRL. I'm probably the most tom-boyish girl you will ever meet. I don't like a lot of the things girls usually like, I like a lot of guy things, motorcycles, cars, hunting, the great outdoors, you name it! why is this? well, you could say it started early on in my childhood while my parents tried to raise as a girl, inside I was more of a boy inside,I wanted to play with action figures more the barbie dolls. as I got older my "butch" side came out more, mostly due to the fact my physical body changed from skinny to fat and I could not longer wear what typical girls wore or did I any desire to wear it, so out with the loose t-shirts and baggy jeans! I figured I rather dress like a guy and be comfortable and dress like a girl and be uncomfortable. and as I got older I further went into to reject anything girly.

anyway, to explain the title further, first off, heavy metal, yes, it is the main music I listen too, I live it, I breath it and can't live without it. not many women listen to heavy metal. I really didn't get into music into my early teens, sure I liked to listen the radio when I rode around in a car, but that was about it,I had no favorite singers, groups, bands, or whatever. when I first got into music, I tried listening to pop, I enjoyed listening to it for a little while, but then quickly got bored with it, then I went into pop rock(jimmy eat world, sum41, those bands!) but I soon got tried of them too, so then I soon went to the heavier stuff until I got into the music that would make others girls hid under a table in fear,death metal, doom metal, you name it! and as of recently started to listening to the old legends of metal.(Metallica, pantera, black label society) some of which I wish I had listen to sooner for the great music I missed out on.of course, I use the music I listen to a lot for inspiration in my art, now I don't listen to heavy metal ALL the time, even though heavy metal is the main one listen too,I listen to a variety of music too.depending on my mood, I often like to listen to the more mellow music, anything from spiritual to new age.

now for the other part the title, yes, even though I like a lot of guy things, I still like some girl things too, including horses. so yeah, there still the typical girl side left in me. even though I hate pink and any type of bright color, I still like to look at pretty colorful things. also the love for nature, I love pretty much everything about nature, especially animals, even though the main animals I like are big cats, I pretty much love all types of animals.

so there you go, I like dragons, heavy metal, nature, big cats, horses, orcas, collecting swords, motorcycles, cars,werewolves, and colorful things. I'm like two sides of a coin, one side my butch tom-boyish side, the other my still girly side. this is who I am.

so there my first post of bit about myself, I don't care if really anyone reads it, I just like to write.